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“Knight Truehand-Goodheart”, Fairy Tale Chocolates

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“Knight Truehand-Goodheart”, Fairy Tale Chocolates

Chapter 1 – The Golden Sword

It was a sunny day, the birds were chirping, and Knight Truehand-Goodheart rode his horse Raimonde to visit Princess Fipsi at Castle Bernstein.

He had to make his way over mountains, through valleys, over sticks and stones, and through many a dark forest – the mysterious Root Forest among them. It was said that the trees there changed position overnight, making it impossible for riders to find their way back.

However, Knight Truehand-Goodheart had nothing to fear, because he had started at dawn in order to reach a clearing in the wood. When Knight Truehand-Goodheart had almost made his way through the seemingly endless forest, the sun was almost setting and it began to get dark. Suddenly, he saw something glinting underneath the branches of an enormous spruce, and he stopped his horse. As he bent down, he saw to his astonishment a sword made of pure gold and encrusted with precious stones.

The knight felt an inner uneasiness, but he could not resist and decided to take this precious piece.

As soon as he had picked it up, there was a terrible thunderclap. The old tree branches creaked and the first raindrops fell. Now Knight Truehand-Goodheart had to hurry because the moon had already risen and night was falling. Raimonde galloped, snorting, through the dark forest, when both of them heard an eerie voice, calling: “Bring back the sword! It does not belong to you!”

As threatening as those words sounded, it was now too late to turn around…

…to be continued



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