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“The Christ Child & St. Nicholas” Fairy Tale Chocolates

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“The Christ Child & St. Nicholas” Fairy Tale Chocolates

The wind blew thick snowflakes through the cold winter night. It was almost Christmas, and just like every year, the Christ Child was very busy.

High above, among the stars, and cushioned by white, soft clouds, was their workshop. Colorful packages, decorated Christmas trees, dolls and all sorts of toys could be seen everywhere. And you could smell the heavenly aromas of cinnamon stars, chocolate, gingerbread and vanilla croissants.

The Christ Child sat at his heavenly desk and looked down at the earth through his big binoculars. The list of children’s Christmas wishes was long. They all wanted this and that, and more and more each year. “I’ll never make it, to distribute so many gifts to make all the children happy”, he sighed.

After thinking about it a long time, he had an idea: “There is hard-working St. Nicholas with his big sled and white reindeer – perhaps he can help?”

He picked up his heavenly telephone, called up St. Nick on the other side of the earth and asked him for help.

St. Nick answered right away: “Ho, ho, ho – of course I can help you. I’ll be there in a couple of star minutes!”

At moonrise, you could suddenly hear a whoosh, roar and hiss, and a thousand silver bells were ringing. With a sudden jolt, St. Nick stopped his sled, and the reindeer stood like frozen in front of the heavenly gate. The Christ Child could hardly believe his eyes: So many packages, computer games, remote-controlled cars, laptops, smart phones and even one or two Play Stations were in the big sack loaded on the sled.

In a low voice the Christ Child asked: “Where are all those nice dolls, fairy tale books, clothing, castles and locomotives?”

With a laugh St. Nick answered: “Ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha – we no longer need all that old-fashioned stuff!”

The Christ Child handed him the binoculars and said: “Take a look down there on earth, and you will see huge garbage dumps. You need to know that all your toys are made of plastic and will not last long. The presents I have in mind are designed to be enjoyed for a long time. They don’t need to be discarded or exchanged after a short time.”

Thoughtfully, St. Nick pulled on his bushy white eyebrows and answered: “Hmm, perhaps you are right.”

After helping the Christ Child in his work, the big-bellied old man in the red coat took off with the presents to return to earth where he had come from.

Families on earth were busy getting ready for the great feast with baking and roasting and scrubbing their homes. The children’s cheeks were red with excitement and they tried to be extra good – something that was not so easy for some of them.

The Christ Child decorated the last Christmas trees, tied packages up in beautiful ribbons and started on his way at dusk.

Softly, snow fell from the sky and the world became very quiet. Suddenly, a bell started ringing; the doors opened and lighted Christmas trees could be seen in all their glory. Some children thought that they had spotted the Christ Child, just as he had disappeared flying into the dark holy night.

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