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“The Ice Princess” Fairy Tale Chocolates

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The Ice Princess

Chapter 1 – “The White Fox”

One beautiful winter afternoon, Jonas and Marie were on their way from school back to their parents’ farm.

They had to make their way through a snow-covered forest and past a frozen stream. Ice and snow sparkled like a thousand diamonds in the sunlight. Suddenly, they heard a pitiful whimpering that seemed to come from nearby.

The children thought that this had to be an animal in distress and they followed the sound.

There, under an ancient evergreen sat a white kit with an injured paw which had been caught in a noose.

Suddenly, the animal began speaking in their language and pleaded: “Please, get me out of this noose or I’ll die a pitiful death! I will richly reward you!”

Jonas and Marie got up their courage and removed the noose from the leg of the young fox. He thanked them politely and said: “Follow me, I want to show you something.”

Quickly, the three of them made their way through the forest until they came to a waterfall that had frozen solid. Behind it there was a cave, and the white fox disappeared into it. Sometimes you could only see the white tip of his tail in the darkness.

After a while, they came to an enormous gate that was made up entirely of icicles…

…to be continued.


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