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“Genuine Styrian” Collection

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At the request of the Styrian Citizens Party and assistant state leader Hermann Schützenhöfer as well as state manager, Mag. Bernhard Rinner, Eva Summer was asked to develop the new “Exclusive Styrian Shop”.

A beautiful presentation of the designs, moderated by Dorian Steidl, was held on May 12, 2010 in the stone hall of the statehouse.

Our heraldic animal, the Styrian Panther, is used as the logo of the “Genuine Styrian” Collection. Only precious materials, such as pure silk and finest lamb’s wool are used for these precious creations.

Eva Summer: “Most important to me are the support of artisanship and to get these products made with loving attention to detail.”

Therefore, it is also possible to order selected models custom-made. The product line consists of sweaters, ponchos, caps and shawls, lederhosen, vests, T-shirts, and also bathing trunks, ties, scarves and much more.




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